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How would it feel to live a life when you are free of your problem!


Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear are all Real Issues in our Society Today and it’s hard to imagine how different your life would be if you were in control rather than these negative feelings.

But it is possible… And you and I working together can help you feel better about yourself and help remove these issues!



Do you have something that is causing you distress holding you back

or just preventing you from being who you want to be?


Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a combination of the very bests forms of  therapy and can help you overcome any issue  or problem that you may be holding you back. Working together I am sure we can get  a fast reliable  solution to your problem.

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses the principles that you already have everything you need within you to help you find a solution to your problem, so just look at me as the facilitator who can help you utilize those skills.

If you want to find out what cognitive Hypnotherapy can do for you then why not give me a call. It could be the best investment in yourself you ever  make!

You can see some of the specific areas Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help with below:

Stress, Anxiety & Panic

Do you sometimes  feel uptight and maybe that things are a little  out of your control? These  are  an early signs of stress. Stress can leave you feeling helpless, without hope and wondering what to do next. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can find the root cause of your stress, learn tools and techniques on how best to deal with it, and help you to put things in perspective. Leaving you in a much more relaxed calmer place in your life.

Stop Smoking

Do you control the smoking or does it control you ? Signing up to my Non Smoking Package is probably the best Investment in your health happiness and life  you could make. My specially designed package will help you separate yourself from  the smoking. Do you control the smoking or does it control you? Why not make that call today and look forward to a fitter healthier happier life!

Fears & Phobias

Do you have a fear that in some way is holding you back? Does your heart sink every time you do  x or y, knowing it’s going to control your life?  Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy working together we can help you remove anything that may be holding you back from a fear of flying – to a worry about crossing the road – everything is possible. Is it time to let go of what’s holding you back?

Eating & Weight Problems

Do you suffer with lack of will power? Lack of self-control? Constant food craving ? Do you wish you could have more control over what you eat? Is your will power shattered by the first thing that goes wrong in your life? Using my knowledge as a fitness professional and my therapy skills I can help you obtain a fresh approach to your attitude towards food. Make the right choices for a slimmer, healthier and happier you.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Thatcham & Newbury, Berkshire

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