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Rob's Writings About Cognitive Hynotherapy

So Who is Ollie and His Super Powers?

So, we are well into summer, and it’s been fantastic so far; let’s hope it lasts for the duration - all the way through to September. My ‘ask’ today is, ‘Do you know any anxious parents?’ Yes? No? Maybe?  Well, anxious parents lead to anxious children, and the good...

Are you sometimes curious ?

Are you sometimes curious ? Being Curious is good ,it is something that appears many times in our everyday lives. Being curious is what stirs our imaginations, fuels, our aspirations and generates conversations. Being Curious came into my life when I was training and...

The Sparkey Moment

    The Sparky moment… We have a cat named Sparky; she is getting on a bit now, but in her younger days she was mischievous. One day I was in the car, just about to reverse out of the drive, and she was sat on the bonnet. ‘Silly cat,’ I thought, ‘She’ll jump...

Your Life is what your thoughts make of it

Your Life is what your thoughts make of it Do you  sometimes wonder where life’s journey is taking you? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and wonder, ‘How did I get here?’ Our everyday life is driven by thoughts, and thoughts are just thoughts; but -  and here’s...

Confidence Who needs Confidence?

 Confidence Who needs Confidence? Everybody  else in the world has lots of confidence but me. Does that statement sound familiar? Confidence is said to be a state of how we view our own capacity to do something. Low confidence - something we all suffer from at some...

Every Bodys Phobia is Funny but Yours !

Everybody’s Phobia is funny but Yours!! ( The power of cognitive Hypnotherapy always amazes me  .Let me share with you the story of one of my first phobia clients because it might be useful for you to know just how quickly you can overcome a phobia.) Everybody’s...

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