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So where are you on this journey?

There is a lot of talk around addictions at the moment, from social media to the press; and I did see a great Ted Talk only a couple of weeks ago, about being addicted to it!

Whether we like it or not, we very much live in an information age, and we are constantly being bombarded by it – every minute of the day. The need for the social connection to our Smart Phone – yes! I said social! – is apparent everywhere we go: in the coffee shop, walking down the street, at home  etc. etc ..

The problem is when the need becomes so great that the phone controls you, rather than you making a conscious choice about using your phone. The addiction – it is an addiction – to phones, is becoming a real issue in society. People are feeling more isolated than ever, even though we have these zillion ways to connect.

One of the basic fundamentals for a healthy life is to connect with other humans, and socialize, enjoy and share. The problem is that electronic devices pretend to do that, but we all know that in reality there is no real substitute for the real thing.

There was a study carried out in America where a university professor asked around 100 students to put away their phone for 7 days; to live without them for a week.  Some of the findings were remarkable; a large number of them said they had experienced feelings and emotions that they had never had before –  literally pining for their phone. Sound familiar?!

Addictions in society don’t have to be alcohol, cigarettes, porn, food etc.; they can also be other things like smart phones and technology. The core fundamental of addiction, or being addicted to something, is the brain convinces us that the behaviour we are carrying out is going to serve us well, and tricks us into thinking the addiction is our friend. In reality we know that’s not true, and in some cases it is literally killing us.

All behaviour has a purpose, and if you feel addicted to something in your life what is it that the addiction is feeding that you are missing in your life right now?   A high…? Comfort….? Connection…? Love….?

Addiction is something that the tools and techniques of Cognitive Hypnotherapy can treat successfully and permanently; we just need to want to quit!

So how is your relationship with your phone? Do you control the phone or does the phone control you? If the answer to the second question is ‘Yes’, then it is time to examine why.

And I would ask the questions …….

What’s that about, and what can I do about it?

Rob xxxx