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Are you comfortable with Brand You ?

Ask any successful business owner what their most important asset is, and the shrewd ones will come back with, ‘The Brand’.  Brand is not one individual thing, but a collection of things – both emotional and materialistic; and it forms the relationship between customer and client.

Any business that understands its market will go to great lengths to protect its brand, because the brand defines its ethos, its values, its ambitions and its loyalty.

If you ask anyone to name some brands they admire, you will consistently find John Lewis, Versace, Stella McCartney, IKEA, Lidl, Marks & Spencer and Aldi being mentioned.  Good brands don’t necessarily have to be upmarket.  Some of today’s best known brands are best known because they live, and do business, based on their core values and beliefs.

Any business will protect its brand at all costs, knowing that bad things happen if it doesn’t live by its values, or it allows others to undermine them.

But what has all this talk about ‘brand’ got to do with us?

The simple answer is that, as individuals, we all have our own personal brand.  And how we live our life by our values has a distinct bearing on how others perceive us – and how we perceive ourselves.  It’s great to ‘talk the talk’, but do we ‘walk the walk’?

And, more importantly, how you perform as a human brand has a massive impact on how you perceive yourself.  Understanding how your human and emotional well-being will affect your behaviour will have a considerable effect on how you value yourself – your own self-worth and self-esteem.  If you are constantly clashing with your own values, this will be reflected in your behaviour and the way you feel about you.

In the end, it comes down to personality and resilience, and to the ability to be able to recognise when there’s something in your life that is having a negative impact on your brand identity.

never knowingly undersold!’ …………….. twenty fours a day

And just as John Lewis doesn’t stop being ‘never knowingly undersold’ when its doors close for the night, so your own personal brand stays with you, twenty fours a day.

It’s when we live a lie – behaving in a way that damages who we are striving to be – that issues develop.  Issues like poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, addictive behaviour and the other myriad of emotional problems that I see, and deal with, every day.

There are a number of things which might get in the way of our own personal brand journey, including unresolved issues which limit success and impair behaviour.  Asking for help in resolving them is all part of caring for Brand You and will enable you to live by the values to which you aspire.

So, when you feel there’s something stopping you from living by your values, or you’re behaving in a way that doesn’t ‘chime’ with the path you’ve set your heart on, we, together,  can work at making  those necessary changes.  Caring for and supporting ‘Brand You’ is so important; and it is something I help people with every day.  Ultimately all people want is to feel good about themselves and the life they are living.  If something is stopping you doing that, something adversely affecting Brand You, I can help.

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