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Anxiety Panic Attacks

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you take back control

Are you looking for Help with Anxiety Panic Attacks? 

You have come to the right place .Cognitive Hypnotherapy Will Help you !

Anxiety and panic attacks can manifest themselves from many aspects of our lives: a sudden trauma, a change of work life balance, a change in everyday circumstances. Maybe you get a feeling of being unsure but don’t know why. These feelings can all lead to us experiencing anxious thoughts leading to anxious feelings.

Do you find yourself with your heart racing Your head trying to keep up a feeling of panic Anxious thoughts leading to Anxious feelings, and can’t understand why?(This is because 90% of our behavior is driven unconsciously so we don’t know why we feel like we do we just do! )

A problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you; and that’s very different for every individual. Using the powerful, yet simple, techniques of Cognitive Hypnotherapy I will develop a bespoke plan just for you, I am confident that we can find  a solution to whatever it is that’s causing your problem, causing your anxiety; and help you to regain control of your life.Why am i confident we can do this ?

I have vast experience of working with a range of clients who have experienced anxiety/stress issues, in many forms and I am confident that we, working together, can help you to see the world differently,feel differently about you enabling you to live a life free from that feeling of anxiety!

A problem is only a problem if its a problem to you are you ready to make it no longer a problem?

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Testimonial Stress and anxiety client

I have a very high profile job which involves attending very high pressure meetings on a daily weekly basis. I found myself hating these meetings, making excuses not to go,and wanting to hide in the corner when I was in the meetings.

Working with Rob really helped me come to terms with my feelings towards these meetings and using tools and techniques  he taught me I am pleased to say the thought of panic and worry has gone, and it’s just part of my every day job.

Thanks to Rob!

*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

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