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Everybody is afraid of something, aren’t they?

Unfortunately I had a trip to the doctor’s this week; nothing urgent, but it did involve the dreaded injections.  I say ‘dreaded’ because I don’t leap for joy at the prospect of an injection! In fact I have been known to walk out and go back on another day!!

Anyway, a fear of anything is really just a phobia, and our minds build reality tunnels that go off in all directions telling us: ‘This is going to hurt’, or ‘This will be painful’ and even ‘You are not going to enjoy this’! Sound familiar?

Anyway, whilst I was sitting there awaiting my torture, I remembered a simple technique I had used way back in my early years of practice, but had not used for a while – The Escudero Technique. (A way of accessing pain relief) This is used to help with relief from pain, and it is a very simple and effective technique.

The technique is simple. Think of a part of the body you want anesthetised. Build up a phrase, or saying, that you can say in your head that will help anesthetise that part. (Affirmation) For example – “I would like the top of my arm to be completely numb.” You need to produce lots of saliva in your mouth and allow it to swill around using your tongue, whilst repeating the affirmation in your head. (Yes, okay; not the most pleasant thing I know!) Swallow if needed, but not until the affirmation is finished.

Try it. And don’t be surprised .….   It works! And my visit to the doctor was pain free.  Here is further information about it – The Escudero Technique


Did you know that pain relief and offering relief from pain is one of the things that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can really help with? I have worked with cancer patients, people with Parkinson’s, and it can be an alternative solution to pain killers for lots of illnesses.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy; it just works!

Rob xxxx