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I was watching someone’s video blog today; it was interesting and it got me thinking. There were two people talking about how much they hated getting up early on Mondays, and how Mondays should be banned! Instead the week should start on Tuesdays – and finish Thursdays!

This is really interesting because, from my point of view, Monday could just as well be Tuesday or Wednesday; it’s just label we give to a day of the week, and we very cleverly associate certain feelings with it. ‘Oh! It’s Monday! Time to feel fed up and depressed.’ We start to long for the weekend that’s just past, or look forward to the one that is to come, rather than enjoying all that Monday has to offer.

Of course the feelings we associate with Monday are not real! We create them ourselves. We could just as easily wake up on Tuesday or Wednesday and feel the same. The story we tell ourselves about Mondays is just that, a story that we make up, built upon the reality and the experiences we have had in the past.

The same is true when we tell ourselves, ‘Oh! I hate public speaking’, or ‘I hate motorway driving’, or ‘I really struggle in airports’ and, ‘I can’t run’.

The truth is, the more you continue to tell yourself these stories, then the more you 100% believe them.  And, ‘What the Thinker thinks the Prover proves’; and so you do your upmost to make it become true.

So, the next time you find yourself telling yourself that story beginning with ‘I can’t ….’ or ‘I won’t be able …’, ask yourself if it is 100% true. The chances are that it’s not; rather it’s a picture, a reality, that you have created for yourself.

If you wanted proof that we sometimes think like this, have a look at the link below and tell me how many passes the team in white make.

It’s worth watching before you move on; don’t miss it!


Did you get it? Did you count them all?  Are you sure?  The answer is 13 – but did you see the bear walking across the screen?? Some of you will have seen it, but many others will not have seen it. Isn’t it interesting how we delete stuff from our reality – or see what we choose to see!

If you would like to know more about this, and how you can help yourself to think and feel differently – not only about Mondays, but about you – then do get in touch.


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