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‘Like a bridge over troubled waters… .’ What a great song! Did you hear it on Radio 2 when they were remembering the terrible Grenville Tower’s tragedy from a year ago? A great song, with a great message. When you’re weary, feeling down …When tears  are in your eyes I will dry them all. I’m on your side, oh when time gets hard ..…’

A great message; and one that I’m sure connects with so many of us. Why? Because when we hear these words we connect, we feel the feelings, run the emotions, build the pictures in our heads. Who hasn’t been in troubled waters? Who hasn’t been weary and down at times? And at times like that it’s not always easy to find that friend. So, maybe in situations like this, we go looking for what we think is our friend – the food, the alcohol, the drugs.

I like to think of the work I do as the Bridge in the song. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be the bridge over and away from so many things. So whatever it is that’s making you feel weary and down  – whether it’s anxiety, stress, worry, fear –  why not find your bridge so that you can find your solution; and probably quicker than you might think. Remember; I’m definitely on your side. And I’m sure that you and I working together can help you find your bridge, so you can walk on and be free of whatever it is that’s causing you issues in life. Walk on and be free of your anxiety, addiction or fear, going on to live the best possible life, be the best possible you, and live a life that better serves you.

So, ‘like a bridge over troubled waters I will ease your mind…’, why not let Cognitive Hypnotherapy help you ease your mind, enabling you to move forward in your life free of those ‘troubled waters’.

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