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So what exactly is resilience, can we buy it, bottle it, sell it …

Where does resilience come from ?

So the year was 1987 and there I was stood in a hospital up on the North East of England with the rest of my family ( I am one of 6), stood in a big waiting room, in the hospital awaiting what was going to happen next . My dad had been rushed, into hospital with cancer it was very serious and we were all just waiting……
We were looking at each other but not really looking ,feeling for each other but then not really feeling ,worried for each other but then not really worried. It was all there all going on.

Then in bounces my aunt to save the day “Mrs Parkend” she was my dad’s sister, a massive character in every way and the life and soul of the local working class society a real go to person
In a flash reality struck, a priest walked in and made his way to my dad’s room to give him the last rights I’d guessed.
You can imagine what was going through my mind ,things like this don’t happen in real life do they? this only happen in films and on telly right….. my heart sunk..

Just then My dad’s Sister “Mrs Parkend” Piped up so the whole room could hear “..

Oh my god did you see that Priest … oh wasn’t he gorgeous, oh! I could drink his bathwater!

Well the whole room erupted with laughter and probably a few nerves and stress

Mrs Parkend had the ability of connecting with humour,just when we needed it most !

My dad walked out of the hospital 6 weeks later I like to think our laughter helped his recovery .

That and the line “Get that xxxxx priest out of here I’m going nowhere”…but that’s another story.

What did Mrs Parkend have in abundance,she had resilience ,she was like my dad born into a family of 12 so times were tough , there wasn’t much of an abundance,of anything, so you had to dig deep and make it happen.
Resilience is something we need lots of today the world is consistently changing at a far greater pace than we are used to.The ability to bounce back,take the knocks, turn the other cheek and basically just shut up and get on with it are needed more than ever.

Resilance is born generally out of hardship but the ability to dig deep and come again is within all of us
It’s just a case of recognising that and bringing it out.

Resilience is something we all need from time to time when life throws us a that curve ball,and we suddenly get a bit wobbly. So how do we maintain resilience I’ll be honest I’m not sure, I have the answer, it’s different for everyone . But I do have faith in the saying

Everything will be alright in the end ..if its not alright ..its not the end ..

So hold onto that thought when you need some resilience out there in the future.

Everything will be alright in the end ..if its not alright ..its not the end ..