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Uncertainty is something that occupies most, if not all of us at some point in our lives; and we would probably choose for it not to be the case. Uncertainty is something that doubtless makes most of us feel uncomfortable, worried, anxious – maybe a little stressed. Nonetheless, I see uncertainty as a strength, because uncertainty causes us to question things, gives us more focus to work harder to maybe make our world less uncertain. Uncertainty in your life can be a good thing. After all, if everything was a sure fire win then we would very quickly get pretty bored, don’t you think?

Uncertainty is sometimes one of the governing issues in people who come to see me with anxiety. Feeling uncertain about the future – maybe a job, a house, a relationship – can cause some people to feel anxious, worried and stressed. However the pictures we paint for ourselves about these issues are not real. Rather they are our memorisation running a programme in our head that paints the picture we choose to paint. It’s not real, but it seems very real to us at the time.

How many times have we worried about a particular event happening in our lives, only to find that when it did actually happen the reality was so very different? When we feel anxious, worried, or stressed we are building a picture, or story, in our head that will convince us  that this is going to happen or that’s going to happen and when the real event does occur it is invariably very, very different.

So what are you uncertain about in your life today? What pictures are you creating or stories are you telling yourself that, in reality, will probably never happen. Remember, uncertainty in life can be a good thing if helps you focus, causing you to question and encouraging you to find a solution that will lead you to less uncertainty.

Remember, there are no short cuts to a great life; you must apply yourself fully to what you want, keep striving and don’t ever think you have arrived. Remember, you are not who you are going to be yet. Take action; small steps every day will get you further than any great leap you might try to make!

If you would like to know how Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you in your life then why not get in touch- especially if you are uncertain, as action is definitely what’s needed!


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