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As you can imagine, being a therapist can be both a great conversation killer and sometimes promoter.  ‘So what kind of people do you work with?’ I sometimes get asked. Over the 10 years that I have been in practice I have worked with a range of people. My clients, in the main, are people seeking change; professionals, male or female, who, for some reason, feel something in their life is just not working. This could be food, work, relationships, a fear of something that’s making them feel in a way they would rather not feel.


So what can I do to help them? If they are feeling anxious, worried, stressed or maybe a bit’ pxxx off,’ because there’s something in their life that isn’t going according to plan, I can help change the ‘what’.  So, if their ‘what’ was anxiety, I can help them see things differently, feel differently about things, and, therefore, live a more fulfilled life, free of whatever it was that was causing their issues. Fear, worry, panic, stress: all these ‘whats’ can be changed.


‘So how do you do that?’ people ask. And that’s where my experience as a therapist comes in. There are many ways to do therapy, but nobody does my style of therapy better than me. The ‘how’ is guiding people into seeing things differently, bringing an awareness to them that they hadn’t noticed. Maybe even having a ‘light bulb moment’ that could be a life changer for them. The ‘how’ bit is down to my skills and abilities as a therapist; using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I have such a vast pool of tools, techniques and methods available to me that I am confident I can help you.

People often ask, ‘Does your therapy work on everyone?’ The true answer is that some therapy will work on everyone and it’s the skill of the therapist that determines what therapy is required – or, where to knock!


So, do you know anyone who has an issue, a problem, a challenge at the moment? What is it they are struggling with on their own? Just imagine how they could live a much more complete life if they were free from it.

A good starting place for them would be with my free audio download; here you get a free relaxation, stress busting audio that will make you feel better – pretty much straight away!

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