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Anxiety is one of the major mental health issues we have in our society today; and it’s the number one reason why people come to see me.
Anxiety is basically your brain trying to find a solution to something that’s beyond your control. Because the brain tries to keep us safe  – which is what anxiety is all about – the brain works overtime trying to find a solution to ‘The Unsolvable Problem’, and,  just like a computer, it continually goes into a loop trying to find a solution. This can result in any number of effects: a racing heart rate, a feeling of panic, sweating, a feeling of wanting to run away, panting, a difficulty in breathing, panic…
The best way to deal with anxiety is AWARENESS. Be aware that the reality you are creating for yourself is not true, and “what the thinker thinks, the prover proves.” So the more your brain tells you it’s true, the more you believe it. We have all experienced having to face something we were worrying about, only to find the net result was nowhere near as bad as we thought it would be.
Once you are aware that anxiety is self-professing, and you are talking yourself into a problem, then actively do something to interrupt the racing brain. All behaviour has a pattern and a purpose; if you interrupt the pattern, the behaviour will change. There are a number of things you can do –

  • Scream  ‘STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP!’ three times to yourself in your head. This may sound simple, but it works!!
  • Use breathing techniques to control your breathing. I recommend 7/11 breathing; it’s very simple: breathe in for the count of 7 and out for the count of 11. (The in breath needs to be shorter than the out breath) Do this five to ten times. It will help, I guarantee it! here it is
  • Listen to a relaxation download – there is a free one on my website. This will help to calm things down Free relaxation  download
  • Distract yourself by getting something else to focus on – an exercise class, going for a walk and getting some fresh air, ride a bike …

Basically, do something that will occupy your mind and take the focus away from the anxious thoughts. The thoughts are just thoughts, and we can choose how we let those thoughts make us feel. It’s the feeling that makes anxiety unpleasant!
I know it’s not easy, but remember this: Anxiety is created by us creating thoughts, and it is believing them that make us create a picture of a future we don’t like.
The future hasn’t been written yet; it is just a reality that we create. As nothing we create in our minds is true, then why we do know this is true? It probably isn’t! So try and stay in the ‘here and now’; be grateful for even the smallest things you have or experience ….. and this will all help reduce the anxiety.
And, if all else fails, why not get in touch and book a session when we can help you get control of the anxiety using Cognitive Hypnotherapy Techniques?
Remember, AWARENESS is key! If you make yourself aware that it’s YOU creating the anxiety, and then interrupt that thought ………… you should find relief.

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