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Are you sometimes curious ?

Being Curious is good ,it is something that appears many times in our everyday lives. Being curious is what stirs our imaginations, fuels, our aspirations and generates conversations.
Being Curious came into my life when I was training and realised  what a massive fear of failure I had. To me it was quite normal to go over and over things zillions of times, so I could do it backwards. Quite normal to avoid things rather than risk the possibility of getting it wrong. Having suffered many failures in my life I had developed a pretty fool proof method of avoiding failure (I was an expert)
Of course the fool proof method was only fooling one person and that was me because I was the only one seeing the failures ! (One of the best learnings from the training I did was there is no such thing as failure only learning)
So during my training I decided to deal with this and that’s when Curiosity comes in..who will I be when I don’t have this fear, how will I cope without xxx
Will I even like the new person, will others like them and how will they be different?
Being Curious about being free of failures and anxiety or phobia is quite normal !(I Know that now )
Ask yourself the question how different will my life be when I am free of that.. How will my life change and what things will I be able to do that I can’t do now. Do you have any fears Phobia  or anxieties or just behaviour that’s been controlling your life till now ?
Who would you be without it  ?  a much happier healthier positive person I am sure .
Curiosity is the spice of life they say..
Why not be Curious and consider spicing up your life today .
So be curious ! and look forward to a wonderful future!