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This connection happens when people achieve an effective balance between their finances, their sense of belonging, and their need for fulfilment. When these three areas overlap, people are engaged.

The pace of life today is very quick; we are constantly striving to keep up. We convince ourselves that we have it so much harder than other generations. But, in reality, can it really be worse than living through the prolonged agony of either of the two World Wars that our country has been through? No!

Our challenges today are not harder – rather they are very different. But the resources, the capabilities and the inner strength that our parents and grandparents had to draw on to fight and journey through those wars, are still within us today – we just need a little help to coax them out.

So what’s the connection that you are looking for? Is it that big car, or house, or holiday that is going to bring marvellous things to your life?

The sad thing is that things like this seldom deliver. The car is only new for a few months and then it’s just a car; yes it’s nice …but it’s just a car! The holiday that promised so much is brought very much down to reality when you land back at Heathrow and realise the feelings were short lived, and nothing has really changed in your life. Additional finances are nice too; but we’ve all heard of lottery winners who are still miserable.

Connection is a big part of what we need as human beings. And what about  connection with others, connection with ourselves, connection with nature? Whatever connection means to you, go out and make it happen. Connection will lead to fulfilment, and that’s something we are all striving for. If we are fulfilled we are content within ourselves, and not looking for external gratification in that car, that holiday, that pay rise ….. . Don’t get me wrong; all of those are okay, but they rarely lead to long term fulfilment.

For me, it is connection with nature that really works; the connection I get from being outside and feeling the energy from the sun, the vitality of the plants or the power of the sea: these are things that really help me connect with me.

So what about you? Where do you connect? Where do you find fulfilment? Wherever, and whatever it is – go do it! Make it happen, as it’s only through achieving connection you will find fulfilment and contentment in your life. And of course the KIS term was created for this  – Keep It Simple! It’s the simple things in life we connect with.

If you are struggling to find connection in your life then that’s something that Cognitive Therapy and Pranic Healing can really help you with.