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Have you said ‘Hello’ to yourself lately?

Learning to love yourself is something that doesn’t always sit easy –  especially in the male community. This is something that often comes up in the work that I do.

Most people have a constant battle going on in their heads, which they struggle with every day: ‘Shall I… ?’ ‘Shan’t I?’ ‘Will I…?’ ‘Won’t I …?’ ‘Can I…?’ ‘Maybe not …!’ Sound familiar?

If you believe, as I do, that 95% of our behaviour is driven by the unconscious mind, then we have minimum control over what we do, and why we do it. If we think about the multiple parts that we all have within us, they can lead to limiting beliefs, self-destruct mechanisms, and a constant war going on within us that, ultimately, is stopping us being the best we possibly can be.

They say things like, ‘Oh! It’s ok to ….. have those cakes/ have that drink/not go for that run ….. . (fill in the blanks)

The reality – which most of us don’t see – is that these parts that we see as constantly in conflict are, ultimately, all working towards the same goal. However, the difference is that one part could be protecting us, the other encouraging, and another causing us to question things. Nevertheless, they do all have the same goal, which is to get us there safely.

Changing our everyday behaviour isn’t easy, and real, lasting change can only happen when we can get all of the parts within us in alignment. In Cognitive Hypnotherapy we use various techniques to help realign these parts, getting them to a level of acceptance and helping them to integrate. And, as a result, you can accept yourself for who you are, switching off the constant battle between these parts in your head, and helping you to move forward in life. Helping you to love yourself – the whole you! Think of these warring parts as your colleagues who may once have had a disagreement, but who are now all in agreement.

If you are to move forward in life all the different parts of you must work together in harmony, allowing you to become the best possible you – and, hopefully, allowing you to love yourself that bit more!