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Cognitive Hypnotherapy works with the individual on an individual basis. To help people overcome stress in their lives I first spend a lot of time listening to them to find out where that stress comes from and what the main drivers are. I then utilize my skills to deliver what they need in a very individual, tailored way.

Stress means different things to different people. What one person sees as stress another may see as just an everyday occurrence. This is why Cognitive Hypnotherapy works with the individual, every individual is different every individual perception of a problem is different. This is why Cognitive Hypnotherapy works with the individual to find a solution tailor made for them.
Stress may come into your life from many different avenues and in many different ways.

During our consultation sessions. We will talk about the issues that you have, what you hope to gain from the sessions and try to find the root cause of the stress in your life. You can think of me at this point as your guide through your subconscious. We work as a team with me helping you to guide you to your solution state (where you would like to be at the end of the sessions)

Stress can be caused by many things..
Is it a fear of something? Fear of failure? Thinking “I’m no good” or “I can’t”?
Is it work related?
Is it partner/people related ?
What is it about your work that you don’t like/ that causes you to feel stressed?
Does it show itself at certain times certain situation with certain people?
Using careful questions and techniques we can establish where your stress is coming from.

What next?
Once we know where the stress comes from then we can then establish the drivers of these situations – these are call sub modalities. Sub modalities can be auditory ,kinaesthetic ,or visual and with careful techniques we can change these sub modalities which help you change the way you feel about an issue.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy has a vast array of tools and techniques some that you can learn to help yourself ,some that you can be guided through by me. With careful use of these tools and techniques we can help you change the way you feel about whatever it is that’s been causing you stress in the past. Help you to Reframe it (see it differently) and thus reduce the effects of the stress to you!
These empowering techniques, along with a relaxation mp3 (again tailor made for you)which can be listened to on a regular basis outside of sessions, offer a great solution for dealing with stress.

Remember everyone is different Cognitive Hypnotherapy deals with everyone as an individual and helps you find a tailor made solution to your stress problem.

Find out more…
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– Rob Donnelly