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Five evidence based steps that you can take to be happier and improve your mental wellbeing.

Connect with others
Evidence shows that good relationships with family friends and our wider communities will improve your happiness and therefore our mental wellbeing.
How can you do that?
Strengthen your relationship with people who are close to you.
If possible take time each day to connect with family Friends this could be as simple as a text,email or wouldn’t it be great if you could actually talk, meet. them.
Switch off the TV and just talk.
Make the effort to phone people sometimes.

Get active
Being  active us is great for your mental wellbeing and physical health
We have all heard of the mind body connection. Physical exercise can be great for people with depression and anxiety.. Physical activity causes chemical changes in the brain that can help to positively change our mood.
Physical exercise can really help with self-esteem and the ability to rise to a challenge.

Keep Learning
Keep learning can really help with our mental wellbeing . Learn a new skill learn to cook, Visit a Gallery, Museum, fix something that garden gate , set yourself a DIY project. Sign up for a course you have always wanted to do , learn a language ,rediscover an old hobby.

Give to others
It is well documented that giving to others can really improve mental wellbeing. Small acts of kindness, volunteering in your community, this can give you a sense of purpose and really help. Sometimes we think of wellbeing

in terms of what we have money, possessions etc. but evidence shows what we do and the way we think has the biggest effect on our mental well being. 

Be mindful for wellbeing

It can be very easy to run through life without stopping to much. Paying more attention to your own feelings, trying to be present and in the moment, practising self-hypnosis, Committing to work on you and scheduling some time with a therapist can and will improve your wellbeing. What are other ways to help yourself be mindful.

Notice each and every day !

Try something New!

Free yourself from the past and the future (Cognitive hypnotherapy can do this for you)

Watch your thoughts  again Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you think and feel different about you helping you control your thoughts and think and feel better about you.

 Rob Donnelly helps People find a solution to change using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and other therapeutic Techniques.