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Thank you for the music…’

I don’t know about, you but listening to good music is one of my favourite past times. Music creates emotions, feelings and memories of where I might have been when I listened to that particular track. What was going on in life? Why does it resonate with me? What is the connection between me and that track?

Music is a universal language that connects us all, irrespective of our native language.  It takes us back to a time when we were in love, felt ‘cool’, were free, …… fill in the space ……… . The great thing is music means something different to everyone, and that’s good because we are all individuals, and thinking and feeling as an individual is very important to our health and well-being.

So why does music have this effect on us?  How it does work?  Music acts as an anchor, allowing us to access memories that we will have associated with the song, enabling us to feel the emotion connected with the track at that time – love, freedom, energy …….., whatever it meant to us.

the smell of freshly baked bread

Anchors are very important in the work we do in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.  Anchors don’t have to be music, but can be many things. Smell is a powerful anchor; the smell of freshly baked bread can really light up some people when they walk into a home.  Smell is one of our strongest anchors. Other examples include touch, feel, vision; we can pretty much anchor our feelings to anything.

So what are your anchors?  What makes you feel the way that you would like to feel?  And, more importantly, do you use them when you need them, to help create the way you would choose to feel?

How to set up an anchor

  • Think of a time when the feeling you want to create was at its strongest. Really see, hear, feel, smell everything about how that time made you feel.  If you can, play with the image in your head to make the feeling stronger.
  • Try making the image in black and white, in colour, close by, far away, larger, smaller and see if the feeling gets stronger or weaker.
  • Set an anchor point; perhaps press a knuckle, or touch your ear or scratch your chin. Think of a point that will work for you and this is your anchor point.
  • Test and retest your anchor. Use it to help you change your state of mind.  Anchors can be really useful, helping you prepare for public speaking, a sporting event, or a difficult task – or just a time to feel good.

So what are your favourite tracks and how do they make you feel?  Why do you feel connected to them?  Do they take you back to a time when you felt in love, full of energy, free, glad to be alive … ?

Anchors really are fantastic, simple ways to help you change your state of mind.  Why not use them to help you?

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