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I am always amazed at the results working with Cognitive Hypnotherapy can bring.Only last week I saw a Young man who had been biting his nails compulsively for 37 years.After only one session he no longer wanted to bite his nail and came back for the second session with a smile on his face praising the results of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how amazed he was at the will power he had suddenly acquired. I quickly pointed out that the will power was always there and it was the gentle coaxing of CH that had brought it to the surface.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can and does change lives it can give you the ability to make that long awaited change you had always wanted. It can help you to overcome the smallest of Phobias to the biggest of Trauma if you buy into it and embrace the therapy.

I leave you with the thought everyone can do something different for 30 days, so if you are thinking of making that change don’t try and bite off more than you can chew do it in small simple chunks and i am sure you can achieve anything you want to.

Try something different for 30 days …we can all make difference for 30 days cant we?

Checkout this TED video i think he puts it beautifully