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Before I became a Therapist I must admit I was a bit like everybody else, ‘Oh, Hypnotherapy; isn’t that where people make themselves look silly. Isn’t that where you lose control and get asked to do silly things? That’s something that others can try but I wouldn’t go anywhere near it?

Yes, before I became a therapist I and my thoughts were really only driven and formed by what I had seen on the TV . However would it surprise you if I said that what you see on the telly is really nothing like what hypnotherapy is like, and couldn’t be further from reality.

So can I be hypnotized? Can anyone be hypnotized? And does it really work?

Everyone can be hypnotized to some level; what you see in the TV shows are really specially selected clients,who generally are extrovert and willing to participate in the fun.

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy imagine I have a bag of tools available to me and you, and we, working together, can select the best tool (or combination of tools) that will have the best possible success in change for you.

Can our memories and habits really be changed?

Can I ask you to…

Don’t think of a blue pig, whatever you do don’t think of that blue pig. I really really don’t want you to think of that blue pig.

So hands up if we didn’t think of that blue pig?

Our mind is always open to suggestions otherwise the advertisers would be out of a job!

Our environment, how we live, what life throws at us, the good, the bad and the ugly, all help create our memories, (our model of the world) and how we feel about things, situations, life. That’s why, when given the right environment, we drop into habits that have been formed over the years. These could be habits, feelings, experiences that make us react in a given way; a way that, given the choice, we would rather not react – a fear of flying, a fear of spiders, smoking, binge eating and the list goes on and on….

These habits, emotions, events can be changed. The memory is malleable and we can change the way we see things, feel about things, and react to things.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy we, – you and me – working together, can really help you to feel differently about things, change the way you react in certain situations, help you choose the behaviour that’s right for you, and how you feel about it.

Will Cognitive Hypnotherapy work on everyone? Not all therapy works 100% on everyone, but the beauty of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is it’s really not a one size fits all model, and we – you and me – working together will devise a model that has the best chance of success for you !

So does it really work? Yes; Cognitive Hypnotherapy really does work, and I can give you many examples of people who have changed their habits, changed their lives, and removed something from their lives that may have been holding them back.

As a great mentor of mine once said – and I truly believe this –

‘A problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you!’

Isn’t it about time you woke up and then we – you and me – working together can work at removing that problem, helping you live a more fulfilled, healthier and happier life.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy … it just works!


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All the best!