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If you believe that you will believe anything!!

‘If you believe that, you will believe anything!!’ How many times have you heard these words?
But what are beliefs? Are they real? And can we actually change our beliefs?
A great deal has been written about beliefs. What we believe is true – to ourselves. Arguably, of course, they don’t have to be factually, literally or even scientifically true, but to us, within our own heads, they are very, very true – and real.

When I was around the age of nine I was the next Gordon Banks – the England goal-keeper at that time! I absolutely loved playing in goal, and I sprung like a cat at every shot. We, the rest of my team and myself, were so good – or so we believed – that we entered a local 5 – aside competition, where we planned to show off our collective talents, and where I could demonstrate my fantastic goalkeeping skills to all and sundry. Net result:  we were ‘hammered’ 16-0 by a side about five years older than us, and significantly more skilful. I never played in goal again!


Because I was telling myself that I was useless! I was a failure, and I could not do it! I simply did not have the ability, the skills, to play in goal!
Was this true? No; not necessarily! With determination and training, and the right mind set, I could have been a good goal keeper.
But in my head the story I was telling myself was very true; and the pain of that defeat  –  notice the word pain – was enough to stop me playing in goal forever.
You see, beliefs create feelings which in turn create emotions.  So it was the pain, and that negative emotion of feeling absolutely useless, that prompted me to keep away from goal keeping forever. Remember, our natural instinct is to move away from pain and towards pleasure.
So; was this belief that I was a dreadful goal keeper true?  No, not really! I had simply found myself in a situation that was beyond the skill level for my age – and paid the price!

So; if beliefs are not always true, can they be changed?

Yes! And there are many ways to change belief affirmations, to change your story, to reframe an event that caused you to think feel negatively. This is something at which Cognitive Hypnotherapy truly excels.
So I guess the line, ‘If you believe that you will believe anything” is true. We create our own beliefs, based on our values, on our model of the world. And so what we feel is true IS true.
The good news is that our in-grained belief doesn’t have to be true. And just consider how different life would be if you were free of that belief  – forever! This is something that the tools and techniques of Cognitive Therapy can help with.

Rob Donnelly helps people to move towards a positive mind set, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP.
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