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Is it time to have a reality check?

Most of us spend a large part of our day thinking about things of no real consequence, but that take up space in our heads – ‘What if…..?’  ‘What if……?’ ‘What would happen if…….?’  You may find yourself thinking about an up and coming holiday you have planned, a party you have booked, or maybe an announcement that was made at work.  One of the issues with the way our mind works is it likes to fill in the blanks.  So, if we are thinking about a big announcement at work, it’s highly probable our mind will fill in the blanks to paint a picture that, as yet, doesn’t exist.
We hear the news of departments being re-organised and our mind automatically paints the picture of … ah redundancies ….. hard times ….. disorganisation …… trouble.  The problem with the way our mind works is that it likes to pattern match, and if it can’t find an exact match then it will present to us what it deems as being the nearest possible scenario; hence the feelings of redundancy etc. etc. .
Of course this isn’t real; it’s just a scenario we tell ourselves over and over until we convince ourselves that it’s true. This is the basis of anxietyAnxiety is usually started by the mind trying to find a solution to something that is beyond our control.  Our mind works over time to find that solution, and we all know the end result could be panic, worry and/or stress and a general feeling of being out of control.
The good news is it really doesn’t have to be like that.  Acknowledgment is key.  Being aware that we create this reality for ourselves can be a game changer; and then, by using some simple but effective tools and techniques we can help ourselves, reframing our anxious thoughts into more manageable and realistic thoughts.
So, if you know anyone that this may ring true for, why not pass this onto them?  Get them to consider having a reality check – free consultation – where we can discuss how using simple but effective tools and techniques we can help them
Keep it real!
Have a great weekend and remember: everything is possible!  The only limitation is the one you create for yourself – which isn’t real!

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