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Is Kiss the way to a healthier happier life?

Well, we are officially in World Cup Fever! And even if you are not really a football fan, it’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the frenzy of it all. This team of fairly low key, young, inexperienced players are doing well, and we have already gone further in a World Cup Tournament than I can remember in my lifetime. So what is their secret? What are they doing differently from other England teams, and what can we learn from that? I think one of the noticeable differences is that they are keeping things low key. There appears to be no ‘prima donnas’ in this team; they are all keeping their heads down and away from the media, focusing on the football, working for each other and, in short, keeping things simple.

Keeping things simple is a phrase that is very close to my heart. It is something we sometimes lose sight of, something we lose touch with; and when we do, life can get very, very complicated. KISS – Keep It Stupid Simple – was something they drilled into us in The Military. Keeping it simple generally gets the result you want; it is usually the easiest way to achieve something – to achieve your goal.

Keeping things simple is the mantra I follow when helping people to find a solution to their problem. You see, when we get wrapped up in our problems, our thought patterns don’t follow a logical sequence to a solution; sometimes the head ‘fogs up’, our thinking gets complicated, and we make mistakes.  In everyday life things can easily get very, very complicated. Our relationship with ourselves, and others, may get complicated. Our view of our lives and the world in general can get distorted, and we may well end up feeling anxious, worried and stressed. The thought of getting on that plane, or making that long car journey or having our final cigarette could be a step to far for some people.
This is why I believe Cognitive Hypnotherapy is so powerful, so effective; and yet so simple. You see, you already have everything within you to make that change. My job is purely to help you realise that, and then we together can help you make that change – getting on that plane, travelling in that car, having that last cigarette …………
But why am I telling you this, when you already know it?
Well, because change is possible for all of us. By using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and keeping it simple, we can help you achieve change much quicker than you may have once thought was possible. Change doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact Simple is by far the best way to achieve it.
So my advice this week is a big KISSS … Keep It Stupid Simple.
If you would like help in trying to Keep It Stupid Simple, why not give me a call?

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