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Is vulnerability good or bad?

Vulnerability is a much talked about topic in society today. It’s something that, at some time in our lives, we will all experience: the networking event that causes your heart to churn, the first date with someone when you are putting yourself out there and wondering where it’s going to lead, the putting your hand up in a meeting saying ‘I haven’t got a clue’. All these occasions – and many more – make us feel vulnerable, exposed and alone.
However, is vulnerability in itself a bad thing? In my opinion, no. There are two ways to live your life; you are either in protection or in growth. When we put ourselves out there, to feel vulnerable, it’s usually when we are exploring a situation of growth – joining a new group, starting a new relationship, learning a new skill. Yes, all of these can be painful and make us feel vulnerable and weak, but ultimately these lead to growth, lead to us improving our networking skills, helping a new relationship grow, and learning new skills. In my opinion, vulnerability is good as it leads to growth, to learning and to a better acceptance of you.
So why am I rambling on about vulnerability? Well, to some, coming to see a therapist makes them vulnerable; the very possibility of discussing something personal makes them feel weak, and vulnerable and …. Who know what people will think?
But to me, the very action of showing vulnerability and seeking the help of a professional therapist is a sign of great strength. This vulnerability can only lead to a life of growth, a far healthier mind-set and far healthier future.
So my message to you today would be – Be more vulnerable; it will lead to growth, lead to learning about yourself and ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle.
And – if you haven’t already seen it – this is a great Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability –

Have a great week!

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