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It’s Wimbledon 2018! Who will you be rooting for?

Wimbledon! One of the great, quintessentially English events in our calendar, where we see great sportsmanship, great showmanship, and maybe even some emotions. It’s Interesting that the BBC is including a new system called ‘CognitionX’; a system where technology can monitor the emotions of the players and the crowd, and therefore provide us with the most compelling footage in terms of highlights – or so they say!

The brains behind all this is IBM’s Watson computer. This is the machine driving the process, using cognitive technology that can process and understand large amounts of data.

It’s interesting from my point of view, in that it really just underpins the way our brain works every day. You see, we look at a given situation through our eyes, feed that information through our internal filters, and then the brain finds a pattern match that says, ‘Hey! Time to feel joy / sadness / happy / worried / stressed…… (Select the emotion) These are all real patterns that our brain may match and therefore provide us with that feeling.

So, has our brain been replaced by the IBM Computer? I don’t think so – at least not yet! There are too many possible combinations and factors to consider for a computer to fully understand all the emotions and feelings we engage with as humans. And, how would the computer deal with bad pattern matching? How would the computer deal with us looking out and inputting our surroundings, and saying, ‘Ah! It’s time to feel anxious / worried / stressed / panicked /fearful …. ? The answer is that it can’t!

But why can’t it? Because for some people the reality tunnel that they build doesn’t always serve them well, and could cause them to feel anxious / worried / stressed – and only they will feel this way.

And that’s when a therapist comes in. You see, nothing has to be true. It just has to be plausible. And you and I, using the techniques of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, can help you reframe these thoughts, start to feel differently for a given situation, and therefore feel fitter, healthier and happier in our lives.

So will you be watching Wimbledon this year? If so, watch out for the footage provided by IBM’s Watson computer; that, I am sure, will provide compelling viewing.  Look out for the emotions shown by the players, when they hit that volley, win that match, or serve that ace.

But also remember that it’s only a Cognitive Hypnotherapist who can really help you reframe your emotions, rewire your thinking, and help you think and feel differently about you.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP; they just work!

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