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My Twelve Thoughts For Christmas And Into The New Year!

‘One of the bittersweet things about growing old is realising how mistaken you were when you were young.’  (American Economist, Thomas Sowell)

We have two choices in life: to be a participant or a spectator.

One of our greatest possessions is our attitude. We cannot stop things happening to us in life, but we can control what we choose to make of them. So I thought I’d share with you twelve points to consider over the Christmas period and on into 2019.


  1. Be YOU, not them. It so much easier to follow the crowd, but if you are true to yourself and what you believe in, you will have a far more authentic and happy life.
  2. Do MORE, expect less. We all hear this, but do we listen? Undoubtedly, the more we give out the more we receive.
  3. Be POSITIVE, not negative. This is not always easy, but we all know things are much better with a positive mind set.
  4. Be THE SOLUTION, not the problem. Offer a way of helping; don’t make things worse.
  5. Be A STARTER, not a stopper. We all know we grow by doing; so get out and do!!
  6. QUESTION MORE, believe less. Wise people will always question; ….. Is this 100% true?
  7. Be A SOMEBODY, never a nobody. Be the best possible you. That’s all we can ever be – and enjoy being you!
  8. LOVE MORE, hate less. The more love we spread in the world, the better place it becomes.
  9. GIVE MORE, take less. The more we give out, the more it will all come back in one way or another.
  10. SEE MORE, look less. If you always look for the good in someone or something, guess what you will see… .
  11. SAVE MORE, spend less. This speaks for itself me thinks!
  12. LISTEN MORE, talk less. Listening is one of the best things you can offer to anyone – and it costs nothing!

So, as we fast approach the end of yet another year, I ask you to consider these and ask yourself, Which of these could I improve on in the coming year?’

And get out and do it!

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