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Do you people watch?

I know I do. Airports are my favourite place; here you see all ‘walks of life’ streaming through the arrival doors – being hugged by their loved ones, screaming with delight and sharing their excitement for connection with their collecting partner. Another good place to people watch is the coffee bar; again, as you look around, you can see lots of different people: the old man, completely switched off from the world as he reads his paper; the young couple who only have eyes and ears for each other; the young mum who, with 3 children in tow, is desperately trying to get some ‘me time’; the businessmen who are looking very serious as they sort out their lives.

The funny thing is, as we look at all these people arriving at the airport, or sitting around in the coffee bar, the stories we tell ourselves about these people are just that, stories made up by us.

We create our own version of reality based on our ‘memoriganation’ – the memories we hold from the past. Our reality is all about Pattern Matching; so, as we look at a situation, or event, our brain goes searching for similar situations and events. When it finds one, that’s the story we create. So the story we tell ourselves is made up by us!

If I was to tell you that this happens in all aspects of our lives how would that sound? Anxiety, fear and worry are all created by us, based on our unconscious mind pattern matching.

Ugh! A spider! Time to feel scared!

Ah! An exam! Time to feel anxious!

The good news is our memorigination is malleable and can be changed; this will help us feel differently about a given situation, and therefore feel calm, more confident, more in control.

So! It’s 2018. What pattern matches have you already made this year that are taking you away from who you would like to be –

Oh! I can’t do that…

Oh! We can’t do this….

I’ll never do that…

Sound familiar? Try flipping these, changing the ‘I can’t…..’ to ‘I can…’ ‘I will…’ and ‘Let’s do it!’ You may well surprise yourself!

Have a great 2018, living every day as if it’s your best, and be the best you possibly can be!

Remember; at this precise moment we are not who we are going to be yet!

Have a great 2018