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Everybody’s Phobia is funny but Yours!!

( The power of cognitive Hypnotherapy always amazes me  .Let me share with you the story of one of my first phobia clients because it might be useful for you to know just how quickly you can overcome a phobia.)

Everybody’s Phobia is funny but yours!

That’s an interesting statement and oh so true. Let me share with you one of my very first clients who came to see me, this was not long after I had qualified and I was a little green behind the ears, and still learning my trade.

Mrs x came into see me she was a little nervous , As was I ,but was trying hard not to show it!

So after a few pleasantries, where we talked about the weather,  the journey here, and how busy she was at worked I asked

So how can I help?

Pigeon’s, she said pigeons ,they are everywhere! and they are dirt, smelly, and stink!

SO I was desperately trying to hold back my inner smile… thinking of my training and internally asked ,“So what’s that all about and how can I use it?

Me… Can you tell me a little more ….

Well Its Pigeons, when I walk down Newbury High street they are  everywhere …She then went on to explain in great details the exact whereabouts of all the pigeons in Newbury high street.

Above the jewellers, in the second floor window above HSBC Bank, on the clock Tower

the detail was amazing, and it gave a whole new vison of Newbury high street to me !

( I needed to be more Vigilant)

The point came when she told me that a Pigeons had flown down to pick up some food on the floor near her, she had run into the road to avoid it, and was almost knocked over by a passing car.

(A problem is only  a Problem if it’s a problem to you!) ,Having nearly died from the  incident this to my client was a severe problem !

We did some works on this issue using T/L regression ,and the client discovered the memory was from an incident when she was in push chair as a baby and a pigeon had swooped down and snatched the food f om her hand . ( a very unpleasant experience) and left her traumatised .

We using Cognitive Hypnotherapy were able to reframe the memory, help her think about the incident differently and  see pigeons in a different way !

I am Happy to report she came back from the second session, having been able to walk among the pigeons in Newbury High street  and even throw down some food for them to eat ! Amazing!

The Power of cognitive Hypnotherapy never ceases to amaze me, and she for one was  happy bunny after the work we did ! (As was I)

So My question to you would be  “A problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you” Do you have any challenges  ,issues , needs that are causing you problems at the moment? if so get in touch!

Problems don’t have to be problems for life

Cognitive Hypnotherapy it just works!

Rob Donnelly is Full Time practising Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach, and loves to help people overcome anything that may be holding them Back with their lives .