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Vulnerability is a strange one!  It’s something we all experience at some time in our lives; that feeling we experience when we stand up and present; that time when we ask someone out for a date; that feeling when we … (fill in the blanks). ..
Vulnerability plays a massive part in being able to live life to the full.  It’s only when we experience vulnerability and push through it that we can truly experience happiness, joy and love.
Vulnerability shows itself in many ways; it makes us feel uncomfortable with feelings of –
‘I’m not good enough’
‘I’m not loveable’
‘I’m not ……
Of course the stories we tell ourselves when we are in the midst of our vulnerability are not true, but they are very true to us.  And as most of us would rather spend our time in a place of safety we try to ignore these feelings of vulnerability.  But is that really helpful?  Don’t we need to connect with these feelings?  Show emotions?  Show weakness?
In this great talk on Vulnerability, Brene Brown talks about vulnerability in a far better way than I can.
So take a look at this link below……..

In today’s world we are all experiencing some vulnerability – the fear of the unknown, worries about the future – and the constant bombardment of negative news is just fuelling our vulnerability.
One of the most important components of good mental health and wellbeing is connection.  Staying connected with our loved ones, colleagues, and friends will help us maintain a much more balanced wellbeing in our lives.
For some vulnerability can cause pain, sorrow and hurt.  But when we deal with our vulnerability we will find joy, peace and love; and it is this that I think we all really want in life.

If you need help to walk through and deal with vulnerability then why not turn to Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP; they really can make a difference.
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