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So what’s this Easter thing really all about?

Being brought up in a strong North East Catholic community, Easter really was a very big event in our yearly calendar – and not for the chocolate eggs – though they were good! For many in our community Easter was a time when they had fasted for the 40 days of Lent, remembered how Jesus was sacrificed on the cross on Good Friday and then rose to new life on Easter Sunday.

Easter was a time when we had big processions through the town, and people got together to celebrate and look forward to the future ..  spring …….summer……….

Whether or not you believe in the Christian message and follow a Christian faith, I do think there is a fantastic message to be had from the story. To me, Easter signals the dawn of a new beginning, where the demise of something has led to the opportunity for change, and the possibility of growth and new opportunities. The end of Lent signifies the end of sacrificing for 40 days and getting back to a life of normality, or, indeed, looking to something new!

So do you have something in your life that you would like to change? Is there something you’d love to do, but find yourself moving away from? Maybe now is the time for you to stand up to that change, to embrace the Easter message and to march forward and do something about it.

Change means something different to everyone; whatever that change is for you, I am sure Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP will help. The  hardest part of change is the first step; there is a great book called ‘The Slight Edge’ by Jeff Olson that could help you with this … I recommend you have a read if you get the chance!

So whether or not you believe the Christian message,  the Easter message is one of new beginnings; isn’t that worth following?

We are over a quarter of the way through 2018 –  are you still looking for change; would you like to lose something, or do something different, or just be a better you? Maybe now is the right time for you to start that change. Change only begins when you take action, one step at a time .

Are you ready to take that step, to take action today?

A bit late I know, but I wish you a Happy Easter and I hope you had a special time!