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The Sparky moment…
We have a cat named Sparky; she is getting on a bit now, but in her younger days she was mischievous. One day I was in the car, just about to reverse out of the drive, and she was sat on the bonnet.
‘Silly cat,’ I thought, ‘She’ll jump off as soon as I start reversing.’ I was in a bit of a rush to get somewhere, so I quickly started the engine, reversed out the drive and set off on my merry way.
The fun started as I pulled onto the main road and started picking up speed.  Flash!  Flash! Flash! The approaching drivers were going mad! Oh No!! SXXXX!
Yes!  She was still on the roof, hanging on for dear life!  As you do, in these moments of stress,  I did all the wrong things, and, at this point, hit the brakes. She came scampering down the front of the car and off into the adjoining allotments – never to be seen again, I thought. I spent some time looking for her; we all spent some time looking over the coming days, but no Sparky was to be found. Three, almost  four days, had gone by and we had all convinced ourselves that Sparky was never to be found; she was convinced we  were all  trying to murder her and had sought refuge in a safer place!
On the fourth day, my young son got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night – around 3am…….  Screams of, ‘Yes!  Yes!  Yes!’ and ‘Welcome home!’  bellowed out from the bathroom – as Sparky was found asleep in the bath!
Needless to say, a ‘Welcome Home’ party was had by all at 3am!
The strange things for me, having lived through this adventure, were the emotions, and how they controlled my life. Initially there was guilt – ‘It’s my fault; I’ve killed the cat; I’m a murderer!’  Then came anger – ‘Silly cat! What was she thinking of?’ Then one of sorrow and loss, thinking, ‘Will we ever see her again?’ Followed by joy and elation, as she returned unscathed to grant us her presence and celebrate her return from vacation.
The funny thing is, coping with emotions is not something we can all easily come to terms with, and these emotional events can sometimes have a profound effect on how we run our lives – a fear of dogs, a fear of cats, a fear of spiders. Put simply, emotions are what we construct, based on what we see and the filters we feed that through. If I told you we could change those filters, see things differently, and therefore no longer let that emotional behaviour control our lives, how would that sound?
Sparky still jumps on the car when I’m about to drive out, but this time I makes sure she jumps off!
If you have emotions or feelings that are not serving your best interests, or are controlling your life, why not get in touch. We – you and I – can help you change the filters, and help you see life in a better way


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