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Rob's Writings About Cognitive Hynotherapy

Is Kiss the way to a healthier happier life?

Is Kiss the way to a healthier happier life? Well, we are officially in World Cup Fever! And even if you are not really a football fan, it’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the frenzy of it all. This team of fairly low key, young, inexperienced players are doing...

It’s Wimbledon 2018! Who will you be rooting for?

It’s Wimbledon 2018! Who will you be rooting for? Wimbledon! One of the great, quintessentially English events in our calendar, where we see great sportsmanship, great showmanship, and maybe even some emotions. It’s Interesting that the BBC is including a new system...

Like a bridge over troubled waters

‘Like a bridge over troubled waters… .’ What a great song! Did you hear it on Radio 2 when they were remembering the terrible Grenville Tower’s tragedy from a year ago? A great song, with a great message. When you’re weary, feeling down …When tears  are in your eyes I...

Have you said ‘Hello’ to yourself lately?

Have you said ‘Hello’ to yourself lately? Learning to love yourself is something that doesn’t always sit easy -  especially in the male community. This is something that often comes up in the work that I do. Most people have a constant battle going on in their heads,...

So Who wouldn’t like more joy in their lives?

As a nation, maybe even a race, we are obsessed with the notion that we must find happiness. But where does that leave joy? In fact, what is joy? And, where do we find joy? And how do we know we have found it? And what’s the difference between happiness and joy?...

Is Vulnerability good or bad thing.

Is vulnerability good or bad? Vulnerability is a much talked about topic in society today. It’s something that, at some time in our lives, we will all experience: the networking event that causes your heart to churn, the first date with someone when you are putting...

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