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Rob's Writings About Cognitive Hynotherapy

Are you comfortable with Brand You ?

Are you comfortable with Brand You ? Ask any successful business owner what their most important asset is, and the shrewd ones will come back with, ‘The Brand’.  Brand is not one individual thing, but a collection of things - both emotional and materialistic; and it...

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the main focus is on body image.  But why do we put so much focus on body image today?  And what can we do to lessen doing that? ….. be kind to yourself ……… believe in yourself ….. According to statistics gathered by the...

Some truths about Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Well!  If it’s good enough for them ……………..! Hypnosis has been around for hundreds of years; apparently Mozart was a fan. Whilst in terms of therapy, Stage Hypnotherapists have not made a positive contribution to the image of hypnosis, research and real life evidence...

Do you feel hopeful?

Do you feel hopeful? The date was July 20th 2007.  As far as I can remember it started off as a pretty normal day; until I got a phone call from my son who was at school.‘Have you seen the rain,’ he cried.  ‘I think my car is going to get flooded! I think we are all...

Thank you for the music.

Thank you for the music…’ I don’t know about, you but listening to good music is one of my favourite past times. Music creates emotions, feelings and memories of where I might have been when I listened to that particular track. What was going on in life? Why does it...

The Power of ‘Thank you’.

The Power of ‘Thank you’.  A few weeks ago, I did ‘the usual’ - I lost something, and couldn’t work out how, where or when!  It was an old coat and it really wasn’t worth much; to anyone else it was probably insignificant, but it was important to me as it was a...

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