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So, we are well into summer, and it’s been fantastic so far; let’s hope it lasts for the duration – all the way through to September.

My ‘ask’ today is, ‘Do you know any anxious parents?’ Yes? No? Maybe?  Well, anxious parents lead to anxious children, and the good news is we can help both.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can really help with that sinking feeling in your stomach; that thought of, ‘Can I really cope?’ or that feeling of, ‘Stop this roller coaster of a world – I just want to get off.’ – that’s the adults’ view of the world!

The good news is, that here at Robdonnellytherapy, we can also help kids. Kids don’t understand terms like ‘model of the world’, or ‘all behaviour has a purpose’, and ‘the unconscious mind’. So we turn our method of communication into a method they can actually relate to and understand. So, for ‘emotions’ we talk of ‘super powers’, for ‘unconscious mind’ we have a ‘big box where we store stuff’. Using  ‘Ollie speak’ really does relate to children; it’s what they understand – simple and effective. Using the doll, Ollie, we have a door to the child that otherwise would remain tightly closed – grown-ups are the enemy –  but talking ‘Oli speak’ to the child, through Oli, is everything that a child can relate to, and a big part of their world. Hence the conversation flows, the problems come out and we help change feelings using Ollie ‘Super Powers’.

This is a very basic overview of how Ollie works, and if you need more information, please shout. I’m also keen to get the message out to young mums’ groups, grandparents …. anyone who would benefit from learning how Ollie helps to improve the lives of children.

So, if you do know any anxious parents, then do please pass on this message of Ollie; encourage them to be curious about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can improve their lives, and how Ollie and his Super Powers can really make a difference in the lives of their children.

Ollie and His Super Powers are changing lives all over the UK.