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Confidence Who needs Confidence?

Everybody  else in the world has lots of confidence but me. Does that statement sound familiar? Confidence is said to be a state of how we view our own capacity to do something. Low confidence – something we all suffer from at some period(s) in our lives – will have us battling with that little voice in our head telling us, ‘Oh! You are going to get this wrong!’  ‘This is never going to work!’ ‘ You have got no chance here!’
Confidence, as we all know, is a state of mind, and can be changed.  As  therapists we talk about changing modalities – see, hear, feel, think;  if we can move  or change the modality of a situation, we can change the way we feel about it.
Now nobody is 100% confident all the time,  but we can help people to raise their confidence levels and to see things in a more positive way. You only have to think of the difference in the way you feel after your favourite team has scored a goal to realise the way we feel is affected by what we see, what we  hear, what we experience.
So many areas of our lives can be affected by low confidence: speaking in public, sometimes even how we talk to friends. You may find yourself  not applying for jobs, or not putting yourself forward and avoiding things; and all because of  a lack of self-confidence.
If I told you it doesn’t have to be that way, how would that sit with you? Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and simple, but effective techniques, we can very quickly get to the root  of low self-confidence, and do something about it.
Speaking personally, my self-confidence was shattered by a teacher who, in front of my class of 30+ children, ridiculed me for the mosaic drawing I had painstakingly produced.  Little did the teacher know that such a simple  action would result in me being convinced, for the next 40 years, that I couldn’t draw.
Having had this addressed I know I will never be the greatest  drawer in the world, but there is so much pleasure to be had from just from doing it! Of course everyone can draw and get pleasure from it!
One of my recent clients was suffering from low self confidence in sport.
It was after only  a couple of sessions he realised that the feelings of low self-confidence were coming from others and not himself – parents, teachers, others – all shouting from the side line and thinking they are doing their best.
Shall I let you into a little secret?  No one but you has the right to make you feel bad about yourself. So, together, we taught him how to switch off, how to ignore others and, instead, to believe in his ability and skill  –  which he had in abundance, but it was being held back by his lack of self-confidence. The net result was a much more confident and happy sportsman, who is now playing to his full capacity.
So, if you feel you lack confidence in any part of your life, don‘t hide away thinking it has to be that way. It doesn’t! Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you; using simple techniques – sometimes just talking –  you may well be surprised at the outcome!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can really help boost low self esteem and confidence so if I can help at all get in touch.