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Anxiety Panic Attacks

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you take back control

Do you sometimes feel Anxious? Feel that life’s  a roller coaster out of control?


Would you like to say goodbye to anxiety?

Anxiety and Stress can manifest itself from many aspects of your life, a sudden trauma, a change of work life balance, a change in everyday circumstances, these can all lead to us experiencing Anxiety. A problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you, and that’s very different for every individual. Using the powerful yet simple Techniques of Cognitive Hypnotherapy I am confident we can find you a solution to whatever it is that’s causing you Anxiety and help you get back control in your life. I have a vast experience of working with clients who have experienced  Anxiety/stress issues and I am confident we working together can help you see the world differently and live a life free from that feeling of Anxiety! Why not give me a call now ?.

Testimonial Stress and anxiety client

I have a very high profile job which involves attending very high pressure meetings on a daily weekly basis. I found myself hating these meetings, making excuses not to go,and wanting to hide in the corner when I was in the meetings.

Working with Rob really helped me come to terms with my feelings towards these meetings and using tools and techniques  he taught me I am pleased to say the thought of panic and worry has gone, and it’s just part of my every day job.

Thanks to Rob!

*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

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