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Do you feel hopeful?

The date was July 20th 2007.  As far as I can remember it started off as a pretty normal day; until I got a phone call from my son who was at school.‘Have you seen the rain,’ he cried.  ‘I think my car is going to get flooded! I think we are all going to get flooded!’

‘Well move it!’ I snapped.  ‘Move the car!’ ‘I can’t,’ was his response; adding, ‘They won’t let us out of school – it’s too dangerous!!’   ‘OK!  I’ll sort it’, I replied.

This was the day Thatcham got flooded!

So I set off in the direction of Stoney Lane where the car was parked outside school.  I say ‘Lane’, but it was more of a river that day!  I wondered if I’d ever even make it to the car! But, eventually, I did reach the car.

The dilemma then was what do?  Do I try and move it, and flood it anyway?  Do I leave it and take a chance?  Just then a van drove past.  That made my decision; I went for it!

I managed to sail the car down Stoney Lane, left into Station Road and left again to safety!

A miracle some may say!  Not really; just someone being hopeful, taking action and facing the fear anyway.

The one thing that drove me on that day was HOPE.  I was hopeful that I could do something, anything, that would, in some way, make a difference – in this case save my son’s car!

Hope is very important in life.  Hope can be a great source of belief and motivation; it is hope that drives us on. Hope can sometimes be helped if you have faith.  I know this is something that not everyone shares but, in my case, I do feel faith helps you push through and achieve things you may not have been able to achieve alone.

So what is it you would like to achieve in your life?  What do you hope for?  Perhaps it’s more happiness.  Maybe it’s less fear.  Possibly it is to feel better about yourself?

So; what do you need to do to turn that hope into reality?

This may be far easier than you think!

Here, at Robdonnellytherapy, I help people turn hope into reality.  Perhaps they hope to give up smoking, maybe they want to feel more confident with public speaking, possibly they hope to feel more comfortable travelling in a car on a motorway.  All these hopes, and many more, can become reality in just two to four sessions.

So, do you know someone who has hopes, but not the wherewithal, to turn their hopes into reality?  Please do put them in touch with me, because I have great hope I can help them. It never ceases to delight me when clients come back and say, ‘You will never believe this, but ………… .’

All hopes are reality in development; it is just a case of how much you want to turn that hope into reality, enabling that new reality to improve you and your life.

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and other therapeutic techniques, Robdonnellytherapy helps people find a solution to their hopes; a solution to change.

Why not give me  a call to find out how ??



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