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Isn’t it time you had a service? 

We live in a world where everything is meant to run trouble free, and if it breaks down we just throw it away and get another one. Let’s apply this to our favourite car – say a Ferrari that retails at around £180,000 pounds and so equates to a substantial investment – if it broke down we wouldn’t simply throw it away. In fact, in reality, we would probably get it serviced regularly and keep it in good shape.

So If I were to tell you that you have a machine in your head that is worth far more to you than a Ferrari, that can operate much faster, process thoughts more quickly, and drives you through every day, how would that sound to you?

Yes, your unconscious mind is far more precious to you than any Ferrari; it drives you to perform the way you do every day, enabling you to be you, to behave the way you do, and helping you achieve what you think you deserve.

A question! How would you feel if your Ferrari broke down, if it was coughing and spluttering, and just not getting you anywhere? You would get in serviced or sorted – yes?

So why don’t we apply this to our in-built Ferrari, our mind? If, for some reason, our mind is storing thoughts that drive behaviours that are not helping us, causes us to run slow, limp along and maybe even not get to the destination at all, why don’t we book a service?

YES!! Believe it! The mind can be serviced. It can be re- mapped to remove those unwanted thoughts, do away with those behaviours that are not helping us, enabling us to run smoothly and freely and get to the final destination with fuel to spare.

So, as crazy as my analogy may seem, if we are happy to spend money on super cars, or whatever ‘floats your boat’ surely it makes sense to invest in our mental health.

your car is only as good as the maintenance it gets. Your mind is no different!

Take Care