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Your Life is what your thoughts make of it

Do you  sometimes wonder where life’s journey is taking you? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and wonder, ‘How did I get here?’

Our everyday life is driven by thoughts, and thoughts are just thoughts; but –  and here’s the thing – we all have our own individual filters that we push these thoughts through. So, to one individual  a thought could mean something completely different from what it means to someone else.

A good example of  this could be the smell of honey. To one person it could conjure up the thought of a wonderful picnic on a summer’s day, out in the country, smiling happy faces, having fun. To someone else the same thought of honey, could take them back to a time when they were attacked by a swarm of bees, being badly stung and spending the day in A&E.

Thoughts are just thoughts; it’s what we make of them, and the behaviour they drive us towards, that enable us to live our lives the way we do. For some, this could be a life of protection, fear, anxiety and worry. For others it could lead to a life of hope, opportunity, achievement,  and happiness.

These are your thoughts; and you can chose the life you want to build from them. The good news is that if your thoughts are not serving you as well as you would like, not helping  you, or causing you not to feel the way you would choose to feel, we can help.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to change those filters; can help you to see the thoughts in a different way, and help you to live the life you would choose.

Thoughts really are just thoughts. How would you like to choose the way to feel today?

If you would like help in seeing life differently, then why not get in touch. Now there’s a thought!


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