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So; who would you be if……………. ??

This is part of the conversation I have with people when we are working on steering them away from their closed doors, and towards the daylight.

People who I am lucky enough to work with generally use words like, ‘stuck in a rut feeling,’ or ‘Ugh, can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just not working’, ‘stressed’, ‘panicky’, and ‘overwhelmed’.

The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be. Working together we can help to open up the world, remove – or gain – control of the stress, remove the feeling of panic and get onto a course that is so much better.

Mindset is Everything

Mind-set is everything, and if we are in the wrong frame of mind – and we have all been there – it can ruin everything. Being able to gain some understanding of how the mind works; to realise that thoughts are just thoughts, and we do have the choice on how we decide to let those thoughts affect us, is fundamental to the work we do.

So the next times you are having a crap day, doing something that’s not serving you, or you have that feeling in your stomach that you hate and would love to be free of  –  ask yourself, ‘Who is causing me to feel like this?’, and, more importantly, ‘How would I choose to feel?’

Awareness is everything in life, and if you make yourself aware of your thoughts, then you are in a good place to change them.

All behaviour has a purpose; it’s when that behaviour is preventing you from doing something, or limiting your chance of success, that it becomes an issue.

So I will finish where I started – Who would you be if you were free of …???

And, more importantly, how different would that make you feel?