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Hello I’m Rob Donnelly

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Helping You Find a Solution to Your Problem.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP are evidence based therapies that believe that you have everything within you to achieve the results you want, my job is just to help you along that journey help you realise change is possible,and provide the tools and techniques that will help you achieve change. Are you ready to start that journey today ? I have been ofering Hypnotherapy in Newbury and Hypnotherapy in Thatcham for over 14 years and would love to help you. Everything starts with conversation so why not get in touch and start that journey now!

Coaching using Cognitive Hypnotherapy & NLP

Coaching  is the ability to guide people along their chosen Journey and help them to overcome any obstacles along the way. This is where Cognitive therapy and NLP can really help remove the blocks and help you develop a really can do mind set. I have been coaching people using Hypnotherapy in Newbury and Hypnotherapy in Thatcham  for many years and would love to help you.I’m so confident we can help you all you need to do is make that first step.

Anxiety Package

Do you suffer from anxious thoughts leading to anxious feelings and therefore  anxious behaviours. Anxiety is a major issue in our lives today and Hypnotherapy for anxiety will help you take back control. My anxiety Package will help you think and feel differently and give you the knowledge and tools to control your anxiety. To be able  go out and be a better you!


Addiction Package

Do you have control or does something control you? Maybe its alcohol a substance, Cigarettes Addiction is very cunning it has us believe its our friend it takes control of our thoughts and has us follow behaviours we would rather not follow. Working with me we can help you take back control and live the life you want free of addiction.Are you ready to make the first step towards a better you?


Hypnotherapy for weight loss package

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is very effective.It’s our relationship with food that’s causes us to behave the way we do. This is sometimes called emotional eating. How would you feel if you could control that emotion, decide what a good food choice is for you,and make choices towards food that better serve you. Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you become a better you.

The better you package

Do you have something causing you to feel pain in your life but don’t know what it is. Maybe you have a voice in your head that you are constantly in conflict with. Telling you I’m not good enough, clever enough, slim enough bright enough. If I were to share with you you are not alone how would that feel. We you and I using the tools and Techniques of Cognitive therapy can help remove these feelings and help you become a better you

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy and how can it help you.

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a very powerful and yet brief form of  therapy. It draws its roots from some of the best therapeutic techniques of the late 60’s to modern day. It uses techniques such as hypnotherapy, EFT, EMI, Time line therapy, Gestault, and many more. These are just therapeutic techniques, that can overcome Anxiety ,addiction fears, that any therapist can call upon,  Cognitive Hypnotherapy core belief is that you already have everything you need to help you it’s the skill of the therapist to help nurture that and help you to do that. I’m so confident we can help you I do offer a no quibles mony back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the work we do.I’ve been helping people just like you for many years and my mantra is. .A problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you I help make it no longer a problem.

Why pick me as your coach?

Combining my skills as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and a coach brings a very unique offering. Using great coaching skills I can help coach you to where you want to be and with my Cognitive Hypnotherapy skills I can help remove the reasons why you are struggling to get there alone. I am also a profesional group fitness instructor, and I can help get you motivated to acheive whatever it is you desire.Motivation is key in achieving change. I strongly believe everyone should have a coach and having one that can help you to not only plan out the journey but remove the road blocks along the way is a very effective way to help you get the results you want easily effectively permanently.I have also spent 14 years as a fitness instructor the connection between the mind and body is massive and these sills very much compliment my therapy skills in enabling people to find the solution within themselves.

My guarantee is if you are not happy with the work we do i will refund your monies no problem.My mission is to get you where you want to be.

How can we work together?

In my world everything begins with a conversation which is a free no obligation chat were you and I can get a better understanding of what you are looking for. We can then decide how best to go on and help you  achieve that. I am not a single session therapist and believe to achieve real change you need to invest in 3 or more sessions .I work very much with the individual  and everyone’s different. We need to understand how you do your problem and using the powerful tools of Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can help you undo it ,think and feel differently and just become a better version of you quickly easily permanently.

Will I lose control ? be asleep etc.

This is one of the most strongly believed miss conceptions about Hypnotherapy. So no you will not be made to lose control. Hypnotherapy is actually a heightened awareness state where we can help you make positive changes that will help you in your everyday life

What evidence do you have you can really help me ?

I have been working as a therapist for almost 15 years and in my opinion the answer is yes. All behaviour has a purpose and once we can understand the purpose behind your behaviour I’m confident we can help you think and feel differently and help change that behaviour in as little as 2-4 sessions.Cognitive Hypnotherapy is evidence based and has undergone trials if you would like to see them im happy to share them with you.

Do you offer any guarantees ? and how do I know your are a profesional?

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee change no therapist can but what I do guarantee is if you are at all not satisfied with my work I will refund your money in full no problem at all. I am a member of the CNCH Complementary health care Council and I am bound by their policies and guidelines. I have testimonials on my site and clients who have worked with me that are happy to talk to you and share their experience of my work.Ultimately my guarantee is I will give you 150% of my knowledge and experience if you meet me in the middle I know we can help.

How long will it take?. How many sessions will iI need ? Will it go on for years?

Everybody is an individual and I work very much with the individual. In therapy there is no one size fits all option. What I would say is during our pre session conversation I will share with you how many session in my professional opinion it will take (usualy between 2-4) Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a very brief therapy and I’m confident we will get you the solution you require as quickly as is practical.

I have been diagnosed with a Mental Health disorder are there any issues you cannot work with ?.

There are certain times when Cognitive Hypnotherapy may not be the right tool for you and I will help you decide that during our initial conversation. There are some mental Health disorders that I cannot work with but we can determine that during the initial conversation and pre-screening.If for any reason I am not the therapist for you Im happy to help you find the one for you.

About Me

Welcome to Rob Donnelly therapist helping people overcome their problems in and around Thatcham and Newbury in Berkshire.

Choosing a Hypnotherapist/therapist isn’t easy. My advice is to take your time, ask around and choose carefully.

Have I always been a therapist?

In a word, no. Like many of my clients, I have a diverse experience of life. Firstly, I’m a family man, and I fully understand the value, rewards and challenges that come with family life. I’ve been married for over 30 years and have two grown up sons.

In my working life, I spent nine years in the RAF fixing complex electronic issues, followed by 32 years in the IT industry, working as a ‘high pressure problem solver’.

It was during this period that I realised that people are far more important than machines, and I decided to retrain as a hypnotherapist with the acclaimed Quest Institute in London.

So why choose me? What makes me the right person to help you?

I work with all kinds of people. My down-to-earth approach and easy to talk-to-nature helps my clients relax and realise that change is possible. That it’s a case of when, not if they’ll solve their problem.

Life’s complicated. But the solution to your problem may not be.

My success rate is such that I’m confident together we can find your solution. I qualified with the acclaimed Quest Institute passing the  HPD and Master Practitioner diplomas and have practised as a cognitive hypnotherapist and NLP coach for more than 14 years now. I have a wide range of skills and experience to draw on – hypnotherapy being just one of them.

It is this, combined with your own commitment, that makes me confident we will get you the solution you want, and possibly more quickly than you expect. It’s rare for me to see a client for more than four sessions.

When choosing a therapist, ask yourself two questions:

“Am I confident that this person understands my problem?”

and, more importantly,

“Does this therapist demonstrate that they have the experience to provide a solution?”

To answer this…I have over 14 years experience working with real people such as you,where together we have successfully changed lives.


Testimonial from a  BNI Business professional Jan 2019

Testimonial Rob Donnelly Therapy

I was that person that Rob shouts out for! The person that believes in personal and career development and that is prepared to do what it takes to do well in life and most importantly to be happy.

But I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with the fact that my own lack of self-belief and self-esteem was holding me back from taking calculated risks in my business and holding me back in my relationship status.

I sought professional support through business coaching and I read books on subjects that I thought would help give me more confidence in my decision making.

I realized that unless I removed the barriers in my subconscious thinking nothing would change so my next step was Rob’s 121 therapy.

After just 3 sessions I have been able to retrain my mind to change some of the negative thoughts that were clouding my judgement and making me believe I was far less capable than I actually am.

Rob put me at my ease and was in touch in between sessions to see how I was and also offered additional tools to help me work through this out of our session times.

I’ve still got some work to do on myself and some more sessions to attend but the difference to my way of thinking when faced with things outside of my comfort zone has been quite incredible.

I would highly recommend Rob’s therapy – it is amazing what can be achieved in such little time.

Thank you, Rob.


” Clients recommend me to the people they love the most”

Testimonial from a Female Business Professional (BNI)

Therapy for weight loss and other issues 

I initially contacted Rob to see if he could help me with weight loss – what I got out of our sessions was so much more.

I could tell you how he helped me with not only weight loss, but with so many other issues that I didn’t even realise were underlying. I could tell you how relaxed I felt and how much belief I had in Rob; but I think the best testimonial I could give is to tell you that I recommended Rob to my one and only daughter.

” Clients recommend me to the people they love the most”

Senior male Business Professional  Reading Based



I’ve been supported by you for 3 months now.

13 years ago, my business failed. As you know, the pain and suffering of that time, led to a prolonged period of depression.

The year’s since have been turbulent to say the least, and besides the constant support of my loved ones, have involved a daily dose of happy pills to keep me up. Throughout these times, as anyone who’s struggled with the demons of mental health will testify, I’ve suffered self-worth issues, a fear of failure and overarching lack of confidence.

For a third of my life, I’ve lived with a sad realization that for me, life was a roller coaster, with periods of highs, and subsequent lows.

Rob since spending time with you, that realization has changed.

Your support has had a profound and real effect on my life, and there are genuinely few people in the world that I’m more grateful to. My wife Sarah happily second’s that.

You’ve taught me that I’ve got a brilliant concoction of beach-bum and entrepreneur inside me, and that it’s perfectly fine to let them both shine, when the time is right. You’ve spent time with me addressing my fear of failure, and have reshaped / reprogrammed my view on what winning looks like.

Our session on confidence has had a real impact on the way that I interact with people, and when we spent time on procrastination and motivation, the new mantra that I took away – stop messing around, and get on with it, has probably changed my life. It’s definitely made me more productive.

There’s a long way to go, and our time together is not over. But I’m delighted to report that I’m 2 months off the meds, happy, motivated and winning in the areas of life that are important to me.

Rob, you are simply brilliant at what you do.

I’m a RAVING FAN, and eternally grateful.

Thank you.

” Clients recommend me to the people they love the most”

Male Business Professional lacking in self Belief.


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