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Help With Public Speaking

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can set you free

Does the thought of speaking in public make you feel anxious?

Would you like Help with public-speaking?

Hypnotherapy for Pubic Speaking ….will help.

Do you sometimes feel stressed when having to give a presentation in public?
Did you know public speaking is one of the most common fears, and one that Cognitive Hypnotherapy can really help with? If you find yourself getting stressed, getting anxious over that speech in public then please feel free to give me call.
I am sure we working together can help you feel differently about public speaking and leave you feeling satisfied that you really did!

Do you want to change the way you feel about talking in public? Hypnotherapy for Pubic Speaking will change that.

I have offerd Hypnotherapy in Newbury and Hypnotherapy in Thatcham for over 14 years.

Why not make that call now?

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Testimonial - Hypnotherapy for Fear of public Speaking

Just to give you an example of how powerful cognitive hypnotherapy can be in the area of public Speaking. One of my clients had two very important speeches to give. One was at the Funeral of his father,and the other a more positive occasion at his daughters wedding. In his own words the thought of making a speech in public had always filled him with fear.
After only 3 sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy he reported back the speeches had gone well,much better than he expected and in his own words the thought of speaking in public wasn’t an issue to him now !

” Clients recommend me to the people they love the most”

*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client


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