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What you have said about your therapy

I have worked with a range of people from all walks of life, with a range of different problems.

Before my therapy with Rob I was lacking in motivation to get off my backside and do anything, other than sitting there talking about doing stuff. During the session Rob made me feel relaxed and comfortable. When he talks you into a more relaxed state and you listen to his talking I found that this was very useful and he is able to make it very appropriate to you. Very clever but simple and effective. After the session I felt motivated and as though a weight had been lifted, although didn’t realise I had one.
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Therapy for Stress & Motivation

Hypnotherapy coaching client

I came across Rob Donnelly, whilst searching for a coach to help me through a tough patch. I was out of work and had got to second interview stage a number of times, but did not get the job each time. It had been 5 months and my confidence was low. I felt that i wanted to get some additional support to help build my confidence and get through this phase of my life. I came across Rob’s website and something that I read, really hit a chord with me, “we all need a little help turning a corner now and again”. This is what I wanted, just some short-term support to help me through this time. I found Rob to be very committed, to helping me to achieve my goals and very supportive. My motivation was restored and I got a great job,  that I really love.  However, I  decided to continue the coaching with Rob, to support me  to get the confidence for promotion I want  in this new job.
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Hypnotherapy Coaching Client

Testimonial from a Senior Professional Business man (Who was very Sceptical  Cognitive Hypnotherapy therapy would help!)

Anger Management client

A long and worsening problem with anger management came to a head recently and made me realise that something needed to be done to sort it out. Not knowing who to turn to led to a web search engine for someone in my local area who could help. This search led to Rob and further searches for credentials and testimonials made me make the important step of reaching out to Rob. His friendly, straight-talking and easy going nature meant that a problem that had gradually worsened over decades became manageable in just 2 sessions. 2 sessions! The key for me was that Rob made the problem seem so simple and easy to manage without making me feel stupid or embarrassed. I can not recommend Rob highly enough.
*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

Senior Professional Businessman Client

Stop Smoking Client

I had an addiction to nicotine. It really helped talking it through with Rob to pinpoint why I wanted cigarettes and how they made me feel. One week I was upset with myself for having some, but Rob calmed me down and all was not lost. The calming effect of the hypnosis gave me greater confidence for realising that I was in control. I am now a non smoker and I’m proud of myself for the self control that Rob has opened up for me. Many thanks to Rob for his calming effect and great work.
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Stop Smoking Therapy

I turned to Rob for help in improving my relationship with food and self control when dealing with stressful situations. I have been amazed with the results, which happened pretty quickly for me, and am enjoying my newly found levels of self belief and confidence. I truly believe that you can combat virtually anything through CBT and would thoroughly recommend Rob’s professional yet personable service. So go on, give it a go.
*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

Food & Stress Therapy

Before I started my sessions with Rob I was feeling really unhappy with myself and how I looked, despite other people telling me differently. I saw Rob’s advert and thought I would give it a try, I felt I had nothing to lose but was not totally sure what to expect. I needn’t have worried, Rob put me at ease, fully explaining everything and reassuring me.

One of the hardest, but most beneficial things for me was actually finding the time to book a session. I really feel that we do not always allow ourselves some “me” time in our hectic lives. The benefit I got from getting out of that mad rush for even an hour was so great. I realised how important some relaxation time is and try hard to maintain this now.

The sessions were relaxing and calming for me and I was surprised at some of the things that came into my mind (and remember I am not a person who finds it easy to relax or switch off). After each session I felt so relaxed but also rejuvenated, in between sessions I found myself thinking about things on a whole new, but reassuring level.

I had 4 sessions and I still can’t totally explain how but there has been a real change in my outlook and how I feel about myself. I went out the other day and actually likes what I saw in the mirror, I can’t remember the last time I felt like that.

I still have my off days but feel more positive and can say I am delighted that I decided to give Rob’s sessions a try, for me it has made a great change to my life.

*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

Therapy for Confidence

I am doing very well thank you- settling in to my new job wonderfully; I seem to be always smiling and happy (which I haven’t felt for a long time). Before I came to you I didn’t recognise who I was any more- but I thought all I wanted from you was to make me enjoy football again- I didn’t realise how much help I really needed from you!

From our first phone call you made me feel extremely welcome and at ease; that alone was a shock to me because as of late I hadn’t trusted anyone other than my sister (to whom you also made feel very welcome). Thank you for getting me to open up to you; you were in no way pushy but I just felt happy to talk- from the moment I met you I knew you would change my life; and I was right!

I know look forward to going training and playing matches (albeit have been injured for a while); I love the sport I play again and am looking to return to Macedonia to run that mountain again as promise. I not only love sport and fitness again, I also am beginning to like who I am as a person- I can see positives in myself and my confidence is peaking through; I am talking to people and doing things I would never have tried before! You have encouraged me to realise life is for living: MY life is WORTH living! I want you to know; I am not a keen swimmer, I rarely cycle long distances and I hated running… I am determined to train myself to enjoy these three element of sport and as promised to you I will train myself hard enough and sensible enough to compete in a triathlon one day. This day will be the best day of my life (including my wedding day haha); and I will dedicate this day to you- as a massive thank you!
*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

K who had lost all motivation for sport and life!

Anxiety Stress management Client

Testimonial for Rob Donnelly Therapy January 2017

I fully appreciate that when you read this, you may think what I am about to say cannot be true or I am “different” and therefore I “got it”. I had no idea what this journey was going to be like and if honest I was very sceptical.

Believe me, as a HealthCare professional there is nothing anyone could tell me that I didn’t already know! I am a normal person who thankfully reached out for support … I had no idea the journey I was about to take.

I went to see Rob last summer in the hope to programme my mind regarding diet & a healthy lifestyle. I am very obese and had tried every diet going but I was sick of going to a group where I felt like it was an “AA” meeting, sitting in a circle and everyone clapping when you had lost half a pound and the pitiful looks when you had gained weight! I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle and do it on my own and this finally being a permanent change.

I have no idea how Rob does it but he is an amazing person and he literally has saved my life …..

At the time I went to see Rob I was having a terrible time at work and was signed off work with stress and in fact I had a nervous breakdown. None of this mattered with Rob, he calmly listened whilst I cried and cried and we uncovered my many gremlins and dealt with them one by one.

I trust Rob implicitly and there was no point in trying to brush over issues as nothing escaped him and he really held me to account which is what I needed. In his sessions I am completely relaxed and his calming voice washes over me. I have huge self confidence issues and I certainly give myself a hard time but I am getting there. I have been seeing him now for many months which is fine as I am rather complex!

Let me explain some of my changes since seeing Rob:

  • I went from no exercise and poor diet to now going to the gym for about 6 classes each week – 2 of which are at 0645 and I attend before work!
  • I have lost 3 stone in weight in 3 months – all through healthy eating and with the therapy that I have received, my mind does not crave the rubbish I used to eat. I cannot explain it but it’s as if my mind has been re-tuned!
  • I was off work for 3 months and I had lost myself and had some very dark moments, I turned my back on my life and shut myself away. Rob helped me to see the daylight and sunshine, it’s as if he mentally held my hand as I started to gain my strength to face the world again.
  • My self confidence was so bad that I even shut my friends away – the only people I let in was my husband and Rob. My husband is so grateful for Rob!
  • I now have tools to support me and I am a lot happier with myself and I see the world differently. I still have work to go but I will be a stronger, happier person.

So, if you are reading this then you clearly are curious – I recommend Rob 100%. I am more than happy to speak to people if they want to. Don’t delay – if you have come this far, don’t stop now!
*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

Anxiety/Weightloss Client

Testimonial Vi Business Networking International

Simon Richards Utility Warehouse

Dear Rob,

Client Testimonial

I recently referred you to a friend of mine. She was suffering with anxiety and trust issues and was generally quite withdrawn and nervous about doing anything slightly out of her normal routine

.After a couple of sessions with you I noticed a marked difference. She was brighter, more confident and generally more relaxed. She kindly passed on this message, so that I could provide you with a written testimonial. Her name has been excluded of course, for client confidentially.

“When I first went to see Rob, I felt anxious, worried, and constantly felt like I had a knot in my stomach. I was quite tearful and felt like I couldn’t trust people, even some of my closest friends. After just a few sessions, Rob has helped me with these symptoms. The knot in my stomach has gone and my last session with him was “tears free”. I feel so much better now, and I know that if I need any help again – he is only a phone call away”

Thanks again Rob for helping my friend. With results like that – I will be very happy to recommend you in future.


Simon Richards

Testimonial Vi Business Networking International

Simon Richards Utility Warehouse