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Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Do You have something that has control of your life?


Hypnotherapy for Addictions

Are you a male, female who can’t seem to get through the day without it?

“It” could be many things Drugs food, alcohol, pain, porn.

You know the substance isn’t really helping but it offers short term relief and pleasure, but the pain sticks around.

Addiction is cunning it spends all its life convincing you its your friend, its got your best interests at heart, but how many of your good friends would spend most of their time trying to kill you or destroy your life.

When we are in our addiction we convince ourselves everything will be ok, and we feel good about us but we know deep down that’s just a lie that our addiction friend tells us .

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Addictions is not a sticking plaster therapy. Many hypnotherapists will claim that they can help you achieve results in single sessions, without knowing you, your history or your problem. I am not prepared to work like that. I believe that if you have an addiction that is controlling your life choices, having a negative effect on your work, or your relationships or your finances, then you need more support than this to work through the problem completely. My way will enable you to live your life how you really want to – permanently.

Everyone is different, so our work will be unique to you; it will not be the same as everyone else’s treatment…(I work very much with the individual you are Unique!)

When you commit to working with me you will receive my full support to help you through your journey. We will work on your limiting beliefs, which are fundamentally responsible for your drive away from pain and in search of pleasure.

We will work through helping your mind to change patterns of behavior. We will work to change your core beliefs, ingraining new beliefs, and new purpose.

So are you ready to commit? Are you ready for change?

Nothing ever easy was worth it but committing to change will be worth it

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A problem is only a problem if it’s a problem to you I am confident you and I can make it no longer a problem

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Testimonial - Addiction to Nicotine

Addiction Client

I had an addiction to nicotine. It really helped talking it through with Rob to pinpoint why I wanted cigarettes and how they made me feel. One week I was upset with myself for having some, but Rob calmed me down and all was not lost. The calming effect of the hypnosis gave me greater confidence for realising that I was in control. I am now a non smoker and I’m proud of myself for the self control that Rob has opened up for me. Many thanks to Rob for his calming effect and great work.

” Clients recommend me to the people they love the most”

*Disclaimer results may vary from client to client

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