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Rob's Writings About Cognitive Hynotherapy

So what have you had today, to try and make you feel good?

So what have you had today, to try and make you feel good? Earlier this week I read an interesting article about a woman who was feeling stressed and worried, and who was convinced that a coffee before bedtime was a good move. Hmm! It wasn’t! She had a sleepless...

So what’s this Easter thing really all about?

So what’s this Easter thing really all about? Being brought up in a strong North East Catholic community, Easter really was a very big event in our yearly calendar – and not for the chocolate eggs - though they were good! For many in our community Easter was a time...

Is it all just Hot Air and Smoke this Hypnosis stuff?

As you all know, I specialise in both Addiction and Anxiety.  And, my why - my reason for doing this - is that I love helping people; helping people to find a path that leads them away from what is causing harm and pain in their life, to a path that offers a better...

Nobody said the path to change was going to be easy.

I have a friend who will insist that life continues to give you exactly the same until you ask for something different, and I would say that this is about right. Change doesn't happen unless you make a change. And change is really not easy; it is something we all...

Everybody is looking for connection.

This connection happens when people achieve an effective balance between their finances, their sense of belonging, and their need for fulfilment. When these three areas overlap, people are engaged. The pace of life today is very quick; we are constantly striving to...

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