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Rob's Writings About Cognitive Hynotherapy

Do You People watch?

Do you people watch? I know I do. Airports are my favourite place; here you see all ‘walks of life’ streaming through the arrival doors - being hugged by their loved ones, screaming with delight and sharing their excitement for connection with their collecting...

Christmas is a strange time of year !

Christmas is a strange time of year. It draws on many emotions, feelings and human needs, leaving some of us drained, depressed and feeling disconnected. The Commercialism of Christmas drives us all to strive for more, more, more; but in reality we don’t really need...

How to Succeed in 2018

Would you like a fool proof way to help you Improve your behavior? How to SUCCEED with .... SUCCEED Miracle Morning Habits    So, we are fast approaching a new year – 2018. Are you going to be successful? We all know that depends on a lot factors, but my...

So what’s your story?

So what’s your story? Oh yes! Everyone has a story; something they perhaps tell themselves on a daily basis. Something that reminds them of a time when maybe things didn’t go according to plan; maybe they didn’t perform quite as well as they wished they had; when that...

Isn’t it time you had a service?

Isn’t it time you had a service?  We live in a world where everything is meant to run trouble free, and if it breaks down we just throw it away and get another one. Let’s apply this to our favourite car - say a Ferrari that retails at around £180,000 pounds and so...

Who What How ?

  WHO WHAT HOW? Who? As you can imagine, being a therapist can be both a great conversation killer and sometimes promoter.  ‘So what kind of people do you work with?’ I sometimes get asked. Over the 10 years that I have been in practice I have worked with a range...

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