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Cognitive hypnotherapy what’s that all about then?

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a collection of some of the best forms of therapy. It includes work from Milton Ericson, Richard Bandier and many many more. Cognitive hypnotherapy is different from other forms of Hypnotherapy in that it does not believe in the depth of trance having any real  relevance or effect on the success of the therapy. We work with the individuals model of the world, what makes then tick how they see the world ,what drives them and makes them interpret things the way they do.

Then using your words we can address the issue using a variety of tools and techniques from our tool box and also put together a Word weaving script that will be tailor made just for you and will address the areas you want to change.

Word weaving is a way of preparing a hypnotic script that is designed to use your own words ,beliefs and fears and help using your own language you address these issues and then reframe the though (look at it in a different perspective)

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is extremely useful and very powerful I am constantly amazed and pleased at some of the very real success stories that using it with my clients bring .

A good example of this was from one of my fear of flying clients who had only one session with me and then had a transatlantic flight only two days later in her own words …

“I am back from my trip!! Either I must be more susceptible to hypnosis or you really hit on something but it was much better than I expected! so thank you! “

Being realistic there is more work to do but isn’t this fantastic after just one session,


Cognitive Hypnotherapy a collection the best of best of other therapies simple effective and it works !